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Break The Fast

Break The Fast

Seriously delicious healthy breakfast recipes with a less than serious list of ingredients.


Break The Fast is a mouthwatering breakfast recipe book. Something different to eat almost every morning (or whenever you like to eat breakfast food). Part of the 'Life on a Plate' series of recipe books makes even the average non-cook look like a top chef while helping everyone in the home reach their nutrition goals. Novice and experienced home cooks will enjoy exciting, flavorful and satisfying meals. All recipes have readily available ingredients, and no fancy cookware is required. With modifications for whatever nutrition plan you follow, there is something here for everyone.


Each recipe has been tried and tested by Body By Davis' CEO GeneVieve Davis, Registered Associate Nutritionist AfN, MSc Food, Nutrition and Health and Ms Bikini America Masters Division. Nutrition facts have been checked and double-checked so you can rest easy that your diet is on point.


Whether you like to eat 'clean' or follow a Keto lifestyle, there's something here for everyone. Losing weight is hard but shouldn't be miserable, and staying healthy should taste good. Break The Fast delivers delicious breakfast recipes that help you control your weight while ensuring your body gets all the nutrients it needs, whether you eat breakfast at 5 am or 5 pm.

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